Santa Cruz Kicks Off ‘What I’m Riding’ With Jake Wooten

Santa Cruz‘s Jake Wooten has been pro for just over two months, so the brand decided to pick his brain for a new series called ‘What I’m Riding’ which gets into all the nuts-and-bolts of skaters’ preferred hardware. In this video you’ll find out how long a VX lasts for Wooten, compared to a seven-ply deck; his fave wheelbase; and his thoughts on wheel rotation (do it, at least more frequently than bi-monthly to prevent coning—that’s just basic Wootenomics 101.).

He even gives an in-depth explanation behind his pro graphics, featuring diametrically opposed figures representing nature and technology. “Technology has come so far that it’s not even helping our lives—we’re starting to retract almost. That’s where nature comes in: As long as you can get in touch with nature you’ll realize that there are still core values in the world.”

Here are Wooten’s down and dirty stats:

8.5 in x 32.2 in Jake Wooten ‘Duo’ Pro Model VX Deck (14.375 WB) 149 Forged Stage 11 Independent Trucks w/ Stock Indy Bushings MOB Grip (Standard + Essential)

55mm 101a Elite Mini Combo OJ Wheels

One-Year-Old Bronson G3s

Indy Hardware. (Prefers Phillips over Allen.)

We’ve been shootin’ Wooten for a while. Watch a few of his projects with us, below:

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