Shoot All Skaters

ERIK BRAGG’S SAS EXPORT — TBT – September 24, 2016

Erik Bragg’s entry for Shoot All Skaters Export, “Grinding Gears,” reimagined the usefulness of a broke-down hooptie. Hey, it may not look pretty but it gets you there.

“For the people: you’re looking at the next big name in Hollywood right here. Erik Bragg. The biggest to come. I’m stoked. I feel like it’s been rad seeing how much hard work and passion he’s put into this project because it’s his, you know? I just want to say thank you to Bragg. It meant a lot for me to be included in this not really knowing what the hell was going on and then when it came together it was just an honor to be a part of the production. I bet Rihanna is going to see this, shit is going viral! It should win an award or something, right?” –Torey Pudwill

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