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Skater XL is Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

Easy Day Studios proudly announces the long-awaited arrival of Skater XL on Nintendo Switch, bringing an authentic street skating experience to the palm of your hand. With 100% physics-based controls and a super-smooth 60 FPS, Skater XL grants you the creative freedom you’ve longed for.

Dain Hedgpeth, Co-Founder, and Director of Easy Day Studios, expresses pride in the optimization of the Switch version, ensuring it matches the fluidity and fun of other platforms. The three-year journey culminates in the launch of Skater XL on Switch at 60FPS, making it the most fun and authentic skateboarding game ever on a handheld device.

Initially slated for 2020, the Skater XL team dedicated an additional 3 years to the task of deconstructing, reconstructing, and optimizing the game to ensure it not only looks fantastic but also feels incredible on the Nintendo Switch’s hardware allowing silky-smooth 60 FPS whether you’re playing in handheld mode or docked, while maintaining that cherished fluidity and physics-based gameplay that Skater XL fans have come to adore on other platforms.

Remaining true to Skater XL’s core concept, the Nintendo Switch edition transports the familiar open, creative sandbox to your fingertips, allowing you to skate, film, chill, and create at your own pace. Boasting features like freeskate multiplayer, the replay editor, character customization, and access to user-generated content via our Mod Browser, Skater XL is ushering in the smoothest, most responsive, and most realistic skateboarding game ever to grace the Switch.

Key Features Include:

60 FPS on Switch: Experience rare, buttery smooth 60 FPS in handheld mode, allowing Nintendo Switch players to enjoy Skater XL’s acclaimed physics-based gameplay on the go. Skateboarding with Joy-Cons has never felt so fluid or responsive.

Skate or Chill Online: Replicate the real street experience by hanging out with up to 10 friends online. Put together lines, watch others session a spot, or jam together.

Play As Real-Life Skate Pros: Select from renowned pros Tiago Lemos, Brandon Westgate, Evan Smith, and Tom Asta, each with distinct gear reflecting their style.

Legit Soundtrack: Modest Mouse, Interpol, Animal Collective, Future Islands, and Band Of Horses headline a collection of tunes blending seamlessly with Skater XL’s West Coast vibe.

Huge Mod Catalog: Powered by, Skater XL on Switch offers access to a vast curated selection of mods from passionate creators and ‘fakeskate’ brands, creating the most extensive skating content library ever.

Skater XL is now available in the Nintendo Switch™ eShop in the Americas, with Europe and Australia following on December 12th. Optimized for a buttery 60 FPS in both handheld and docked modes, Skater XL delivers a full-featured experience with physics-based gameplay, freeskate multiplayer, replay editor, playable pros, gear from 30+ real skate brands, and more.

Get Skater XL for the Nintendo Switch HERE!

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