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SLS Resurrection: Wilshire 15

Street League Skateboarding premiered SLS Resurrection the full live event on Rumble’s platform, a contest that resurrects legendary street spots of the past. The first spot featured was San Francisco’s Hubba Hideout and now the new spot is the historic Wilshire 15, a Los Angeles classic known for having one of the biggest stair sets, next to Hollywood High 16. Skaters were always pushing the limits on Wilshire 15 since its inception. Anything executed at this legendary spot had skaters buzzing with excitement, reflecting the energy of that era since it was skate stopped in 2012. This resurrection provides a new generation of skateboarders with the opportunity to perform classic tricks as well as some NBDs. Enjoy this special winner-take-all session, hosted by Sean Malto, Andrew Cannon & the one and only Beagle… who has likely spent the most time filming skaters at the spot.

Presented by Accelerator Active Energy.

Skaters featured:
Jamie Foy, Filipe Mota, Chris Colbourn, Ryan Decenzo, Dominick Walker, Dane Burman, Kento Urano, Art Cordova, Toa Sasaki, Jonny Hernandez, Raimu Sasaki, Lazer Crawford, Kwesi Holloway, Julian Lewis, Toby Ryan, Jhancarlos Gonzalez, Cordano Russell, Gabriel Fortunato, Alec Majerus, Kyle Walker, Christian Dufrene

Check out the first resurrection:

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