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YEAHLEYEAH Capsule for FILM Trucks

Film Trucks recently released their new Capsule video “YEAHLEYEAH” on their YouTube channel. The Barcelona pants company Aka “Fred Ploque-Santosall” along with his friends and team mates bring their unique bag of tricks to the streets of Europe. Sit back enjoy and get ready for 7 minutes of beautiful unpredictable self edited chaos brought to you by the boys over at film trucks.

In the past few months riders from the brand Spencer Semien and Joe Hinson have put parts out not to mention the brands annual “Slappy Challenge” an event many look forward to and having Bastien Salabanzi join the team last year with a minute of footage. Looks like Jeremie Daclin the owner of Film Trucks is doing an amazing job with the direction he’s going with his team!

Edited by YeahLeYeah
Filmed by Mitch Hoxby
Additional filmers: Luc Mazieres, Thomas Vigoureux, Yoryo, Mario Cano, Pierre Patissou, Max Geronzi, James Cruickshank.

Featured Skaters: Enzo Morel, Flo Maillet, Francois Tizon, Jeremie Daclin, Arthur Fontis, Victor Cascarigny, & Benoit Gonzolin.

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