‘Solo’ Premieres Derby CC’s ‘Kollegues’ Edit

Germany’s Solo magazine dropped a little French flavor in the feed with a rad new edit from Derby CC—a close-knit crew disguised as bearing company—born and located in the city of Paris. ‘Kollegues’ was mostly filmed in Paris, with small excursions to Marseille, Bordeaux, and Nice, and features Felix Baillet, Juan Renoux, Emma Kaidi, Sebastian Mouron, Wilfried Mandereau, Thomas Jekic, Florian Taverne, Truman Bottomley, Max Montejo, Thomas Courteille Homies: Stanley Pradel, Nassim Lachhab, Ben Jemmapes, Sacha Trehorel, Pierre Benassi, Hugo Josse, Theo Giliberto, Nelrick Olry, Ruben Planque, a super fast pressure flip, and Cesar Josephe. Watch the video, filmed and edited by Thomas Courteille, above!

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