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BTS of Walker Ryan’s Switch Backside 360 Kickflip Down Brick 9

Walker Ryan has done more insane tricks down the NYC Brick 9 than anyone has and probably ever will. Switch big flip, nollie frontside 360 kickflip, switch varial flip, his first ever nollie big flip down down a set, and of course, his magnum opus, the mind-blowing switch backside 360 kickflip. In the latest Video Essay on the Old Friends YouTube, Walker takes us through his storied history with this spot, and the unrelenting battle he went through to land his unbelievable ender to his Textures part.

Watch Walker Ryan’s ‘BRICKTOWN’ Video Essay, filmed by Matt Schleyer, Jack Fardell, RB Umali, Anthony Claravall, Dr. Kyle Brown, Whitney Ryan, Brian Scott, Jiro Platt, and Max Henderson, above!

We’ve worked with Walker on dozens of projects over the years, check out some of our favorites, below:

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