There’s no doubt that skateboarding currently exists in the Instagram era. Full-length videos are few and far between these days. Even web edits seem to have taken a backseat to throwing up a few choice clips on the Gram. 

Nothing beats the instant gratification of hundreds of likes and comments in a matter of seconds. Pros can give their fans content on a daily basis. And, if your hashtag game is strong, you could potentially get discovered and hooked up right through your phone. That’s nuts!

With that said, you have to wonder where all of this came from? Who is responsible for making Instagram the medium of choice for just about every skater on the planet? The answer, in part, has to do with an account known as @teamlightwork that turned one year old two days ago.

This crew of early adopters are among the first to make straight-to-Instagram edits. They also molded the format that just about everyone is using today. From the filming and editing style to the tone of the clips, a little bit of @teamlightwork’s stamp can be seen in practically everyone’s IG edits.

Have look at three minutes of @teamlightwork in action above. For more, follow these accounts: @tajahdavis, @kat_n_thehat, @rafidadd, @watchyoudie, @burberry.erry,, @blackjessus, @brianpeacock, @alexwalters_, @avimalina, @robertneal, @nycshawn, @justindrysen, @drysenchris.

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