Thank You Drops Torey Pudwill’s ‘Bigger Bang’ Video

Thank You Drops Torey Pudwill's 'Bigger Bang' Video

Torey Pudwill is known for his neck-high kickflips and long-haul backside tailslides, and he compiles all these and more for his latest opus for Thank You, ‘Bigger Bang.’ If you thought it was hard to find wax over the past few years, this is why: The follow-up to ‘Torey Pudwill’s Big Bang’ is a 12-minute banger, filmed and edited by Country Weather‘s Aleks Lewandowski. The part is so good, the brand gave it its own site! Check it out here.

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Check out some of Pudwill’s work with The Berrics, dating back to 2010, below:

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