Neen Williams has been sharing his good vibes all over the internet as of late. He gave an interview with Vice breaking down his healthy lifestyle choices and launched a cooking show on his YouTube Channel. A Nine Club interview was clearly imminent. The latest episode does a great job of covering Neen’s history and what he’s got going on currently. It also answers the burning question of why, exactly, Neen does so many heelflips.

“I’ve been doing heelflips all my life. But I also do kickflips too. I think the thing is, growing up skating these spots, everything’s been kickfliped. I can heelflip. I’ll heelflip it. I have no problem with it. I like it. I’ve been doing them all my life. 

Basically, what happened was I stayed at the Boss’s house after Beagle and Doug’s house. They had to move and get new spots. I had nowhere to go. So the Boss, he hit me up randomly. He was like, ‘hey, I have a guesthouse. You can stay in my guesthouse while you figure things out or these guys get settled in.’ I was like, ‘fuck, the Boss’s house!’ 

So I stayed at the Boss’s house. This is the big house with the skatepark in the back and stuff. I was underneath in the guesthouse for a month or two. Basically, he was kind enough to bring me in under the wing. We would skate in his backyard. Me and him would warm up. We would call it dojo training. We would do all our tricks down the five. We would do all our tricks on the box, the quarterpipe. It was just fun, me and the Boss, good times. 

He would see my heelflips down the stairs and was like, ‘hey Neen.’ He called me over and was like, ‘you know that’s your trick, right? Those heelflips, you’ve gotta keep doing those. That’s yours. After he told me that, I was like, ‘alright, fuck it.’ I’ll just do them all the time. This is the Boss telling you that’s the move you gotta do. After that, it was on.”

Check the full episode above. The bit about heelflips starts at the 1:29:30 mark.

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