Watch Tightbooth Production’s ‘Lenz III’ Teaser Here

Tightbooth Production’s Shinpei Ueno, the master lens technician (and super creative skater) behind the Lenz full-lengths, has dropped the teaser for the third entry in the series this morning. All we can say is… YES PLEASE! After a nine year wait since Lenz II‘s release, this video will premiere in Tokyo on September 30, and released online sometime in winter.

Ueno’s crew used the SONY DCR-VX1000 along with a Century Optics MK-1 ultra-fisheye lens (more on that here) to film full parts from Rio Morishige, Kotora Mitani, Glen Fox, Ayahiro Uratsuka, Kento Yoshioka, Ryuhei Kitazume, Rinku Konishi, and clips from more than 100 skaters! Watch the teaser above (we’re going to watch this video 100 times in the office), and check out one of Tightbooth’s recent masterpieces, ‘Security Level ∞,’ here.

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