Must Watch: Kaito Sagawa Gives Tokyo a Wake-Up Call In ‘Silent Rider’

Many of us have had the pleasure of having the whole city to ourselves at the crack of dawn—maybe now more than ever—with only the garbagemen and paperboys to keep us company. That cool, crisp air as you idly ollie over manholes, with the whole day of possibilities ahead of you… ahhh, what a feeling. Japan’s Toshikazu Hosoki and New Bricolage Films have built an exquisite short film around that feeling: ‘Silent Rider’ stars 22-year-old CONS rider Kaito Sagawa as he says ‘It’s time to make the donuts’ in this pre-dawn raid of Tokyo (while you were sleeping). Watch this silent-but-steezy above, and remember to hit the hay early tonight—you could have the whole city to yourselves Saturday morning.

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