Learn How Tom Asta Tackled His Ledge Mirror Line In Santa Cruz’s ‘Til The End’

Santa Cruz released the latest installment of Til The End last month, and Tom Asta had the opening part—a supremely technical and progressive work of art. The centerpiece of his part was a “mirror line” of kickflip back tail bigspins out (both ways) at some ledges in Montreal, Canada. As with everything he does, Asta made this shit look way too easy. We have to give him kudos for taking away some of the mystique behind his skating: so, he isn’t perfect after all?? Asta la vista, Montreal ledges.

Asta has been involved with The Berrics for ten years, filming dozens upon dozens of projects with us including several Bangins, a handful of BATB series, and 2Up. Check out some of his work below:

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