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Tom’s Tutorials Teaches You How To No-Comply Flip

Berrics alumni and flatground fanatic Tom Rohrer has a new trick tip for you on Tom’s Tutorials YouTube Channel. Tom takes you through everything you need to know about No-Comply Flips like keeping your front foot up and the back foot far off the tail, rolling up at an angle, timing the pop, lifting your back foot, and learning them on a lower curb first. Not only does Tom share some insightful tips and helpful hacks on No-Comply Flips, but he puts his knowledge to good use in a beautiful slo-mo demonstration to show you how to do them the right way!

Watch the latest Helpful Hack form Tom’s Tutorials and make sure you give him a follow on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Tom Rohrer has had several segments throughout his time spent at The Berrics that could have hinted towards his success with his new tutorial channel… His Flatground Finessing video showed he has just about every flatground trick on lock, his defense during the BATB 11 match against fellow Tom (Asta) was one for the books, and he even holds a page in The Berrics Trickipedia for frontside big spin heelflips. Take a look at some of Tom’s work with us, below!

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