Learn More About WBATB’s Lacey Baker In ‘Office’ Interview

Learn More About WBATB's Lacey Baker In 'Office' Interview

Lacey Baker is skateboarding’s most prominent gender-queer non-binary pro, but the fight to get to this stage was a very long one. Baker—who uses they/them pronouns—goes over their journey to simply be themselves in a recent interview with Office magazine for its “Transcending Conversation” series.

In the interview Baker (publicly known as “Lacey” but, amongst friends, is known as “Lee”) relates how being marketed as a girl skater early on in their career helped put their identity into clearer focus. Baker says, “[Billabong] wanted me to be wearing girls’ stuff. I was young and impressionable, so I tried. I wore tight pants and girls’ clothes. It just felt super awkward; I felt very uncomfortable.” As skateboarders, we can surely all relate to this internal tug-of-war.

Baker first appeared on The Berrics eleven years ago, and even became our Populist in 2017. Tomorrow, they battle Karen Feitosa in the semifinal round determining our Final Four for the first Women’s Battle At The Berrics. Baker—who has also appeared in some groundbreaking mainstream projects for Nike and Miley Cyrus—is already a historically significant skateboarder. We’re excited to see how they use their platform to expand the conversation for the future of skateboarding.

Read Baker’s full “Transcending Conversation” interview at the Office site.

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