The road to Finals Night has just begun, and the best of the best have a pretty big mountain to climb… like that snowy one in “Rocky IV” that Rocky climbs to train for that big fight with Ivan Drago. That would be a pretty awesome BATB battle: Rocky Balboa Vs. Ivan Drago. U.S.A. Vs. Russia. Rocky would be the one with style and pop and his training would just be popping tricks over rocks, while Ivan has all the tech and trains with a robotic skateboard connected to a computer calculating placement of foot and a bunch of scientific shit. It would be an epic battle, but at the end Rocky would win because, of course, he has the eye of the tiger. The tiger always wins.

Anyways… here is what would be the black-and-white credits montage of Week II of X featuring Tom Asta, Youness Amrani, Felipe Gustavo, and Blake Carpenter. —Yoon

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