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  • Ben Raybourn is probably one of the most unique skaters there is. Unique is not a politically correct term here to say he sucks or that he doesn't skate like you and that's why you'll find him "unique". Unique doesn't mean he sits on the fringes of skate ability and has been forced to skate the way he skates or he wouldn't be able to skate at all. Unique means, in Ben's case, that he's got the ability to do anything he wants on a skateboard the way anyone else can do it, but he just skates the way he skates and the way he skates can't be classified as old school, new school or any school. It's just the way he skates. Most of you haven't been around to see tricks wow you one day and be outdated the next. It's not because they're bad tricks, but because skateboarding, with its infinite possibilities, and the people who do it have always been filled with such imagination that sometimes they're on to the next and the next and the next before the ink dries on the ten before. What Ben does is he incorporates the way any young professional skateboarder skates today, with all their power and style and precision and pulls not from just their bags of tricks from the future, but he incorporates it into things he's seen from the past and does them better and more beautiful than anyone from any time period has been able to do it. Or let's just say, as beautiful. My philosophy with skateboarding has always been this; good skateboarding done well is good skateboarding. Ben Raybourn not only does skateboarding well but he's good for skateboarding and that's why we chose him to be in PUSH. Watch his story here and see his 5 minute part. I promise you, I'm not wrong. - sb

  • This summer, C1RCA cruised through gorgeous Northern California, visiting shops along the way (and plenty of tacos at every spot).

  • Octavio Barreras has turned Pro, and is celebrating with a new part and series of decks for Enrique Lorenzo's Louw Skateboards.

  • Join the Nike SB team in recreating and reinterpreting your favorite clips from SB Chronicles Vol. 1 and 2 for a chance to win and be featured in the Nike SB app.

  • The final chapter of the SB Chronicles drops this December, and damn does it look epic. So stoked for parts from Eric Koston, Karsten Kleppan, Omar Salazar, Lance Mountain, Brian Anderson, Kevin Bradley, Trevor Colden, and Cory Kennedy!

  • Originally from Sweden but currently living in Barcelona, Anton Myhrvold rips like no other. He's a tech wizard with insane board control, and this part from SML. Wheels will have your jaw on the floor way too many times to count. Watch this shit right now.

  • By now you guys know that Carlos Ribeiro is the newest pro in the world and our latest Battle Commander. For those of you guys that don't know, Carlos is one of the happiest guys on this planet.... nothing but the best of times in that dark warehouse you guys love so much with him. Very stoked on Carlos going pro and after seeing his Battle Commander, you guys know it was beyond well deserved. Can't what you got in store for us in the near future Carlos! Parabe! —Yoon

  • London's Lucien Clarke and the PWBC came together to film a video in celebration of Lucien's new Supra Quattro colorway. 

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