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  • Some skate trips you get nothin'. Others you get absolutely everything. Without a plan for a video, the Real crew hit the road for 10 days last year through Denver and Kansas City. Every session was heavy and the crew stacked over 14 minutes of footage that kicked off the filming of Through and ThroughHere's the mind-blowing footage for your viewing pleasure in all of its raw and uncut glory. 

    Click here to watch Through and Through. 

  • With $25,000 on the line and only 24 hours to get a 60-second run, the pressure of Run & Gun is unreal. See what Tiago Lemos went through to get his run—muscle spasms and all. And see what the run could've been in multiple alternative universes... Dude's good.

  • Tomorrow, The Berrics Recruits Jack Olson! 

  • Who's ready for some damn turkey!!? Sean Malto is, that's who.

  • There's a mindset today, especially in America, whereupon doing things the easy way is doing things the best way. Everyone who's left skin on the concrete or blood on the stairs, or limped to the car after trying a trick for two hours, knows this to be untrue. There is no easy way when trying to accomplish the impossible, but there is always, always, always a process to getting what it is you want so badly. Carlos Iqui had never skated the Tarzana out ledge, but that didn't stop him from getting his ender for De la Calle/Da Rua. See how it all went down.

  • Luan Oliveira has been added to the Bronson Speed Co. team, and they've commemorated the occasion with some new Luan clips.

  • Volcom announced Daan to their Global team today with a compilation of his realest life from Volcom's 2015 Insta happenings, including some possibly Guiness World Record-breaking footage of a heelflip indy grab line.

  • To get ready for Chronicles Vol. 3, Theotis Beasley brought in one of the Nike SB app users to handle your requests from the gram and re-do tricks from Chronicles 1 & 2. 

    More info on how you can participate in Rechronicled here

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