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If they're given the right tools, skate filmers, as you've witnessed by now, will give even the most famous Hollywood directors a run for their money in creativity, concept, and execution any day of the week. There's no doubt about it. REDirect was our way to pair these super creative individuals with RED cameras — the Hollywood standard for major motion pictures — so that the film world outside of skateboarding could finally witness what we've known all along, and recognize our friends as world-class filmmakers in their own right. That said, REDirect, by nature, has always been a friendly competition; the idea was that it would be more of a Berrics x RED film festival with the best skate filmers in the world than a stuffy, strict contest to find "THE BEST FILMER IN EXISTENCE." All these "contestants" are so good and incredibly talented in their own regards that it would be completely unfair to call any of them better than the others. But, like all film festivals, we wanted to give out one "Grand Prize." That prize: a brand new custom REDirect RED camera kit worth more than a Toyota Prius; it's the very same kit each filmer used to film his project with, and it's quite possibly the best trophy ever won in skateboarding.

Monday night, after screening all 11 REDirect films in proper 4K glory at the Arclight Theater in Hollywood (the same theater that's premiered just about every Hollywood blockbuster), our jury of RED, Berrics, and Hollywood judges announced our Grand Prize Winner. Without further ado... Here's how it all went down.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to our REDirect filmmakers! This could've never happened without your hard work and dedication. Take a moment to rewatch all 11 films now right here.