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  • Oscar Meza has been going hard in the streets with filmer Mark Spencer for the past year and a half. Giant rails, huge gaps, super tech ledge lines, Oscar put it down for this part. You're in for a treat.

  • Chris Pfanner knows control. Check out the latest from Thunder Trucks!

  • Supra is taking another trip through the Mini DV archive to bring you more raw and unseen clips for their Flashback Footie series.

  • Volcom's Wild In The Parks amateur contest series kicks off this Saturday at Volcom HQ in Costa Mesa. It's absolutely free to enter and attend. Look out for a stop near your city all summer long for a chance to enter and win your way into the Finals at The Berrics. Full schedule here.

  • Oscar Meza's no stranger to flipping into grinds. How's he get a reliable, quick flick every time? Must be the Mob... Mob around his hometown park for the newest episode of Talkin' Mob. 

  • 10 NEW SKATERS. MODULAR BLOCKS. THEIR BEST MANUALS. YOU DECIDE WHO WINS. A thing of beauty, an art form, the utmost tech of the tech, the manual is much more than a trick—it's a full-on discipline. Requiring a supernatural amount of patience, grace, and precision, manuals can literally break down even the best skateboarders on the planet. But when done right, few things in skateboarding are more impressive or gratifying than a solid, perfectly balanced manual. And that's exactly why we started 2UP last year, The Berrics' first-ever manual contest. We built a handful of simple modular blocks and invited 10 of the world's most balanced skaters to get creative and film their best tricks on two wheels. No repeats from last year. You decide the winner. Easy as that. Begins Monday.

  • There's a mindset today, especially in America, whereupon doing things the easy way is doing things the best way. Everyone who's left skin on the concrete or blood on the stairs, or limped to the car after trying a trick for two hours, knows this to be untrue. There is no easy way when trying to accomplish the impossible, but there is always, always, always a process to getting what it is you want so badly. Russell Houghten and the New Balance Numeric team put in hours upon hours of work on their latest video project, "Sunland". It looked like it was one single take with a bunch of crazy shots and tricks. But was it? This is the Process of how that video was made. - sb

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