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  • This ain't your standard welcome to the team clip. This is close to 10 full minutes of nonstop skating from two guys you'll be seeing a ton of in the future. DC just upped the ante with this one. 

  • Carlos Zarazua was born with one of those names that just rolls off the tongue, and a gift for ledge combos that will leave you speechless. Back-lip double-flip out? C.Z. does it. 

  • How many times have you dreamed of seeing every major pro skate your local park? And how many times have you dreamed of having your favorite band play a private show for you and your homies? Now combine those two concepts, and you have the music video for TV On The Radio's song "Lazzeray" off their new album, Seeds. Directed by Atiba Jefferson (the first music video he's ever directed), the video is as classic as it gets and features some really rad skating. We were on set to get the lowdown straight from the horse's mouth. 

  • I got a call from Tunde, the lead singer of TV On The Radio, and he asked me to direct a music video for the band. I had never directed a video before, so it was a bit of a scary feat. I knew the only way I could pull it off was to have help from some of the best in the business, so I called Greg Hunt and Chris Murphy, knowing that we could make this happen if they were on board. Tunde had the idea of a band playing around skateboarding, and Greg, Chris, and I brainstormed and came up with the idea of it being a skater, alone at a skatepark, imagining the best session ever. I knew I needed the best skaters to show up, and thankfully, they showed up and we were able to capture great skating for the video. The video was made on a very tight budget and just people believing in me to make this happen. I am forever in debt to all those people. Hope you enjoy. —Atiba Jefferson

    Featuring: Cash Mathieu, Eric Koston, Guy Mariano, Chris Cole, Trevor Colden, Sean Malto, Garrett Hill, Greyson Fletcher, Andrew Reynolds, Terry Kennedy, Vincent Alvarez, Taylor Jett, Lance Mountain, Christian Hosoi, and Curren Caples. Thanks: Sol Republic, Pizzanista, and everyone involved. Buy TV On The Radio’s new album, Seeds, now

  • The 16 Qualifiers are here, and the Battle For Aberrica Finals are going down. 

  • The pop, the flick, the catch… Andrew Reynolds has the best kickflip in the game. But this time he wants to see yours. We’re giving away Andrew’s entire signature Nixon collection and a Mini Blaster portable Bluetooth speaker to his favorite kickflip on social media. All you’ve gotta do is upload your best kickflip to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and hashtag #KickflipLikeTheBoss. Deadline for entries is Monday, 12/23. We’ll announce the grand prize winner on Christmas Eve. Watch this video of The Boss’s most memorable kickflips for inspiration, and go get some. 

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