10 Shared Parts


Andrew Reynolds and Bryan Herman in Shake Junt's "Chicken Bone Nowison" [2011]


The concept of the dynamic duo in skate videos is classic. And when a shared part hits on all cylinders—like this flawless Reynolds/Herman part above—the result is twice as nice. Here are our picks for 10 co-op parts that share the wealth and leave you wanting more.


Chris Cole and Tom Asta in Zero's "Strange World" [2009]


Alec Majerus and Louie Lopez in "Goosenectar" [2014]


Kien "The Donger" Lieu and John Reeves in Life's "A Soldier's Story" [1991]


Rick Howard and Mike Carroll in Girl's "Mouse" [1996]


"Tim and Eric's Cool Secrets" [2013]


Richie Jackson and Patrick Melcher in Death's "Ordinary Madness" [2012]


Dennis Busenitz and Zered Bassett in DVS "Skate More" (directed by Colin Kennedy) [2005]


Larry Jones and Paul Smith in G&S "Footage" [1990]


Paul Sharpe and Cairo Foster in Tilt Mode Army's "Bonus Round" [2009]