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Santa Cruz Shares RAW Cut of Taisei Kikuchi’s ‘Golden Eight’ Part ft. Chris Haslam

There’s very few people in the world who can skate a miniramp like Santa Cruz’s Taisei Kitkuchi (and one of them is in this video). The 17 year-old miniramp champ has collected quite a few NBD’s on the coping of his local indoor skatepark’s miniramp at 8 Time Corner Store and after putting together an incredible part in the ‘Golden Eight’ video, Santa Cruz Skateboards released the 20 minute RAW and UNCUT edit from Taisei’s miniramp part. Get ready for some of the most mind-blowing miniramp combos, stalls, airs, and more featuring one of the pioneers of creative miniramp skating, Mr. Cheese and Crackers himself, Chris Haslem.

Watch Taisei’s RAW ‘Golden Eight’ Part above, and catch up on some of our content with the Santa Cruz team, below:

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