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Dickes Shares Rough Cut of Tom Knox’s Pro Collection Part

Everyone’s favorite fast-footed Englishman Tom Knox took a hop, skip, and jump across the channel to Paris to film a video part to show off the Tom Knox Pro Collection for Dickies and today we get some behind the scenes action with the Rough Cut of his part. For someone known as being extremely creative on the board, it’s always a pleasure to peak into the process of Tom’s out-of-the-box approach to every spot he skates. From the warm up, roll ups, bails, sticks and more, take a glimpse behind the curtain to see Tom’s cool, calm, and collected composure as he uses The City of Love as his canvas to paint a masterpiece in just 3 weeks…

Watch the Tom Knox Pro Collection Rough Cut, filmed by Joe Monteleone, above and watch the full part, below:

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