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Alec Majerus ‘Dreaming Out Loud’ Part for Adidas

Alec Majerus dropped the hammer in his latest video part for Adidas. Appropriately titled, “Dreaming Out Loud,” the whole part is as if we’re watching a fever dream after binge playing SKATE 3. Double kink nosegrinds. nollie flip back tail down hubbas. 360 flip frontside feeble down handrails? Pinch us, we must be dreaming.

Witness the magic as Majerus puts his fearlessness on full display, tackling some of the biggest and gnarliest spots in skateboarding with next level flip in-flip out shit, and closes it out with a historic NBD on the Burbank Middle School 16 stair.

Watch the full part, filmed by Taylor Phillips, above, and check out some of the projects we’ve filmed with Alec, below:

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