ANTIHERO X CHROME — ‘Lighting The Way’

Between the daily onslaught of content from every direction, and screwed up social media algorithms, it’s easy to miss things. Videos that should go viral in skateboarding often sit unnoticed for months. This is the case with “Lighting The Way”—a short film directed by Gabe Morford starring John Cardiel, Frank Gerwer, Andy Roy, Julien Stranger, and Matt Reyes. 

Released in December to promote Antihero and Chrome’s recent collaboration, this two-minute short is one of the better done skate-related commercials to come out in 2017. And given its view count, we doubt that you caught this when it dropped. We certainly didn’t. 

As you spend the rest of your day wading through TBT hashtags consisting of material that you’ve seen 1000 times before, remember that there are hidden throwbacks out there waiting to be discovered.

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