Brad McClain Walks You Through His Bones Bearings Cleaning Process

Bones Bearings have a much-deserved reputation for being durable, effective, and long-lasting, and with a little elbow grease a set of Bones Ceramics could conceivably last a lifetime. To demonstrate this, Bones’ grease monkey Brad McClain purposely abuses his set of ceramics over this past winter season in order to show you how easy it is to get them back up to speed (all you need is some acetone, the Bones Bearings cleaning tool, and a few drops of Speed Cream. Our only question is: Since Bones Ceramics last forever, does McClain just never get another box?

McClain was also one of the competitors in our second In Transition series, where we invited 10 skaters to film a part at their favorite transitioned wonderland. Take a look at what he’s capable of below:

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