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Maurio McCoy Shares The Secrets to Kickflips

For someone who holds the Trickipedia for Kickflip Frontside Noseblunts AND Frontside Noseblunt Nollie Flip (we’re still waiting on those two put together), it goes without saying that the Santa Cruz Pro Maurio McCoy has one of the best kickflips of all time. Since he’s been getting asked since day one about his fantastic flick, he decided to share some secrets that gives his kickflips that magical, magnetic lift. From his double sock technique to keep his shoes tight, to weight distribution in the shoulders across various obstacles, Maurio teaches you the tricks of the trade to kickflip like a Pro… literally.

Watch Maurio’s latest YouTube upload, above, and check out some of the projects Maurio has put his flick to good use in, below:

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