Chopper & The Osaka Daggers Put In Some Nighttime Work For South Africa’s ‘Session’

The Osaka Daggers are a Japanese crew that have become globally notorious for their antics. Chopper, Dal the Handsome (and he really is), Hamaji, and the rest of the Daggers prove that there is no correct/proper way to skateboard—deck-checking, stalls, and *gasp* stepping off your board completely… it’s all in a day’s work for these guys. Or night’s work, as the case may be: South Africa’s Session magazine spent a moonlit evening at Triangle Park (the Dagger’s home “turf”) and the resulting edit, by Brett Shaw, captures the spirit of what makes this crew so great.

Go ahead, get weird.

The Berrics featured the Daggers seven years ago, when the crew’s director Hamaji put together an exclusive edit for us. We’ve been following them closely ever since, and are proud to say that we have a very special Dagger announcement coming very soon! Watch the Daggers’ 2013 Berrics edit below, and stay tuned for details of what’s next:

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