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Chris Roberts takes on Maurio McCoy in “I’m Glad I’m Not Me”

Loyal listeners of The Nine Club and fans of Chris Roberts rejoice as Crob continues his day in the life vlog, “I’m Glad I’m Not Me.” In the latest episode, Crob takes a trip to Woodward and challenges Maurio McCoy to a circuit of obstacles to see who is the real King of Camp. The heated battle begins with a power slide contest and moves on with a BMX Track Race, fishing contest, a run around the ropes course, betting for tricks in “Crob League Skateboarding”, climbing the rock wall, and skating a slappy curb, before the duo settles their beef on the track in a go-kart race. There might have been a bit of rule bending so we can’t tell who the real victor is… but with content like this, we all win.

Watch Maurio McCoy vs. Chris Roberts in “I’m Glad I’m Not Me”, above, and make sure you subscribe to his YouTube Channel for more to come!

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