CSC X CHRYSTIE — Collection Video

Skateboarding and soccer share some interesting similarities. The obvious one is the foot-eye-coordination and agility required to excel at both. But beyond that, many great skaters—Guy Mariano comes to mind—played soccer as little kids, and credit that as laying the groundwork for their future skateboarding.

Chinatown Soccer Club is a group of skateboarding creatives that was formed in 2002. They play pick-up games in New York’s Chinatown in the mornings to get their mental juices flowing. Noteworthy members include Mark Gonzales, Peter Bicci, and Ryan McGinness, to name a few. 

Chrystie New York—a sock company founded by Pep Kim and distributed through Theories of Atlantis—collaborated with CSC on a soccer-inspired capsule collection that’s available now. Have a look at the above video to find out more about how this unique group is applying skateboarding’s DIY aesthetic to soccer.

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