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Curren Caples and Jake Anderson Join FA World Entertainment

While rumors have been swirling for some time now, we finally get a confirmation on Curren Caples and Jake Anderson‘s new home. FA welcomed Jake and Curren with open arms this week on Instagram and followed that up yesterday with their Welcome to the Team video featuring the full lineup of FA riders (including new KB footage!). It’s good to see Louie and Curren back on the same board team after spending so much time together riding for Flip (who turned both of them PRO back in 2014).

Make sure you go drop a comment telling Curren and Jake congratulations¬† for the move and watch their “Welcome to FA” video, featuring Aidan Mackey, Sean Pablo, Kevin Bradley, Louie Lopez, Sage Elsesser, Elijah Berle, Vincent Touzery, Curren Caples, and Jake Anderson, above! Filmed by Johnathan Flechas, Cody Green, Ryan Lee, Ant Travis, and Benny Maglinao, and edited by Benny Maglinao.

Congratulations Curren and Jake!

We’ve been working with Curren and Jake for years, check out some of our favorite projects with the pair, below!

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