Curren Caples Gets The Porsche Bump In Recent Social Campaign


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Here at The Berrics, we get to see your favorite pros rolling up in all variety of whips: from the hoopties to the scoopty-woopties. For a while, Audi was the ride of choice; then Beamers (or Bimmers) became de rigeur. Of course, lots of skaters had more economical modes of transportation but the ones who really care about luxurious and exotic cars really stand out… if you got it you gotta flaunt it.

Curren Caples has always appreciated a beautiful machine, so it wasn’t really a surprise to see the PUSH pro promoting Porsche (power play). The brand recently posted some photos of Caples in its feed busting 360 flips and back threes with his Porsche in plain sight (and all while rocking a Sci-Fi Fantasy hoodie… what world are we even living in?!). Just goes to show you that the possibilities for sponsorship are diverse out there: If you’re down for a brand, who knows, you might get the hook up one day. And Porsche is one bag you would be crazy not to secure.

Check out some of Caples’s previous projects with The Berrics, below:

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