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David Gravette Explores Morton, WA’s Worst Skatepark for Bronson

David Gravette is back with another installment of Bronson‘s ‘Worst Skatepark Ever’ series and this time he just might have found the best of the worst. To say that Morton, Washington’s skatepark (if you can even call it that) is struggling would be the understatement of the century. Featuring a prefab bank, crusty bank to ledge, flat bar, and a fun box centerpiece with a mini ledge/manual pad, this park gives David a run for his “Worst Skatepark” money. That doesn’t stop him from shredding it like no one else has… or probably ever will.

Watch David Gravette skate Morton, WA’s Worst Skatepark for Bronson, filmed by Keaton Rodgers, above, and check out some of our video with Gravette, below!

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