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Chris Joslin’s debut pro shoe model campaign is called ‘Unstoppable,’ because that’s exactly what he is. We’ve been lucky enough to work with Joslin throughout his career and document some of his major milestones—from NBDs to fatherhood. The first episode of a 3-part Joslin documentary series, “Foundation,” chronicles many of these moments. If you’re a True fan or just want to know a little more about Joslin, you’ll need to see this impressive documentary.

Here’s a choice soundbite from Erik Bragg, who worked closely with Joslin during the filming of Plan B’s True, explaining how Joslin isn’t like the rest of us: 

“I don’t think you can be a normal dude walking through life and then be able to jump off a building that is not on fire. It requires a certain amount of crazy.”

Take a look at Joslin’s Unstoppable pro model at the Etnies site.

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