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Foundation Premieres ‘Whippersnappers: Reprise’

Foundation Skateboards released their latest epic team video ‘Whippersnappers’ earlier this year and today we get a second look at the action-packed offering in all of its RAW glory in “Whippersnappers: Reprise.” All of your favorite Foundation rippers without the music to get in the way of the wonderful sound of wheels on concrete, marble, brick and more. Tap in with
the strong squad featuring Keegan McCutchen, Tania Cruz, Corey Glick, Dakota Servold, Dylan Witkin, Austin Heilman, Julian Lewis, Ariana Spencer, Ryan Hamburg, Liam Pace, Jesse Lindloff, and Aidan Campbell, with guest clips from Chris Pfanner, in Whippersnappers: Reprise.

Watch the full edit, above, and refresh your brain on the original video release, below:

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