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Pocket Premieres ‘UNITED’ by Daniel Ledermann and Matheus Du Bronks

While many skaters on social media could point out the division within the skateboarding industry… Daniel Ledermann and Matheus Du Bronks make one hell of a case for Unity in their latest shared part, ‘UNITED,’ that premiered this morning on Pocket. Spend 28 Days in 7 Cities with 2 brothers filming each other, as well as linking up with local filmers all over Barcelona, Lisbon, Berlin, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Stuttgart, and Innsbruck, to finish this passion projects, strictly for the love of the game.

Watch “UNITED”, edited by Bruno Rocha, with additional filming by Julian Lopez, Dan Schulz, Bennet Rahm, Dennis Nitsche, Pasch, Moritz, Simon Rieder, Peter Mader, Sven Kieffer, Bruno Rocha, Julez Meier, and Daniel Black, above!

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