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Free Skate Mag Premieres Michael Mackrodt’s “Catch Of The Day”

Michael Mackrodt, the German/French fisherman of long, lavish lines reeled in his “Catch of The Day” Part, filmed entirely in Paris and it’s suburbs, on Free Skate Mag today. Mackrodt starts the part by sharing a little family history. Born in Germany but moved to France when he was less than a year old, Michael spoke German and French growing up and he ended up moving to Germany after he finished high school, but still feels extremely connected to France and visits there often. It’s clear from this footage filled with technical lines, impressive manuals, and excellent spot selection, that he feels right at home in the streets of France. Watch the full part, filmed and edited by Guillaume Perimony, above!

Check out Michael’s “Fishing Lines – Fish Tasting” part on Pocket, below!

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