Giovanni Vianna And Jacopo Carozzi Join The Pro Ranks

Giovanni Vianna turned pro for Primitive over the weekend, marking another milestone for the Brazilian skater who has climbed to the top spot of nearly every event he has entered in the past two years. In between contests, Vianna cranks out street clips that will make your jaws drop—and he does it all with humor and modesty (see his ‘Followed’ episode for Pocket). Primitive head honcho shares his feelings about Vianna, below:

“The diversity of his skating is huge, and when Gio is on the session, he elevates all of us. It always feels great to announce someone as a new pro because it will forever be something in my life that I was grateful to achieve, and it takes me back to the way I felt and the dreams that I had as a little kid. I know what that feeling is and what it takes to get there and how much they’ve dreamt of it and prayed for it.”


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In Italy, Baker’s Jacopo Carozzi turned pro with a surprise party coordinated by Samurai Suicide distribution. In a nod to Covid-19 safety precautions, Baker’s Instagram post says, “Can’t wait until we can all celebrate together!”

Vianna has been working with The Berrics since back when he had long, lustrous firecracker-red locks. Check out some of his projects, below:

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