GoPro For a Cause Teams Up With Grind For Life & Kindhumans

GoPro for a Cause and Kindhumans have teamed up with Grind For Life to help share the organization’s story. The mission of Grind For Life is to provide financial assistance to cancer patients and their families, who typically travel long distances for treatment. 55-year-old founder Mike Rogers knows that experience all too well: He’s a two-time sarcoma cancer survivor who still skates, and he’s been free of cancer for 17 years. This guy is a daily inspiration to those who can sometimes feel hopeless and powerless.

Grind For Life’s GFL series has been going on since 2007, and Rogers is there skating at every event! Just think about it: This skater kicked cancer’s ass, twice, and he using his organization to help countless people live their best lives. Check out GoPro’s video, above!

GoPro has been a supporter of The Berrics for a very long time (since about 9 HEROs ago). Check out some of our work with the brand below:


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