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The name “Blondey McCoy” stirs up a lot of feelings among skateboarders. He’s an outspoken guy who has been extremely successful at the art of straddling two worlds at once: fashion and skateboarding. Whether that’s a good thing for skateboarding has historically been a mixed bag (only a few style studs have managed to pull this off)—the attention from the mainstream can be a ticking time bomb.

But by maintaining a skate career AND running his apparel brand, Thames—which, incredibly, has collabed several times with OG Brit-centric culture brand Fred Perry—McCoy seems to be pulling it off masterfully. To top it all off, McCoy has been named as the Vogue Hommes 2018 Stylish Icon Of The Year. The choice was made by Kate Moss, and was announced on the Vogue Hommes Instagram account yesterday:

“The Vogue Hommes Awards 2018: Stylish Icon of the Year. Handpicked by Kate Moss for Kate Moss Agency, on the creative team for Palace Skateboards and founder of his own label Thames, Blondey McCoy rides zeitgeists like no one else. Known for his supremely individual style, he takes our award for 2018’s most stylish man.”

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