Hotel Blue Screeches Through With ‘Sirens’

New York City is probably the most exciting and vibrant skate city in the world. Every metropolitan hazard that urban skaters deal with on a daily basis in amped up to a hundred, making everything more of a mission. But this make-or-break quality also ensures that clips are that much more impressive—every trick is kinda rated on a different scale. That backside flip you just got? That was a Peoria 4, but an NYC 10.

Nick vonWerssorwetz, also known as LurkNYC, has been documenting NYC skate culture for years and knows how to translate the streets to the screen in a way that makes you feel like you’re there. His latest video for his brand Hotel Blue (launched in 2016) is no exception. “Sirens” features Ish Diallo, Charles Deschamps, Luca Ettore, Nick Gorham, Kalman Ocheltree, Nate Grzechowiak, and Juan Virues.

Check out Hotel Blue’s latest collection here.

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