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HUF Presents “Forever” Full-Length

HUF produces a touching tribute to the late, great, Keith Hufnagel with their first ever full-length skate video, “Forever.” Dick Rizzo sets the tone with creativity in the cuts, Nick Matthews peels back the layers of his unbelievable pop, Mason displays his fearlessness at finicky spots, and Cyrus Bennet makes magic at the NYC Courthouse to close things out.

HUF ‘Forever’ features the whole crew with parts from Dick Rizzo, Sam Narvaez, Caleb McNeely, Drake Johnson, Tyler Bledsoe, Erik Herrera, Daiki Hoshino, Nick Matthews, Salomon Cardenas, Brad Cromer, Mason Silva, and Cyrus Bennett, with guest appearances from Elissa Steamer and Dennis Busenitz.

Watch HUF ‘Forever’, filmed and edited by Tyler Smolinski, above, and check out some of our work with HUF, below!

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