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Paul Rodriguez Talks with Tony Hawk and Jason Ellis on Hawk vs Wolf Podcast Episode 115

The the latest episode of the Hawk vs Wolf podcast officially reached legendary status as Paul Rodriguez sat down with Tony Hawk and Jason Ellis to chat about Paul’s rise to greatness and his drive that got him there on Hawk vs Wolf.

The Birdman and The Wolf chop it up with the switch god to touch on various subjects including comedy, stories from Paul Rodriguez Senior, Paul’s unrelenting drive to become great and his progression over the years, clothing style that compliments skating, working with Kobe Bryant and Ice Cube on the Nike SB commercial, the freedom of being a professional skateboarder, scheduling time to skate, Paul’s latest mission to focus on his health in his “Life Reset,” and much, much more! You might want to settle in for this one…

Watch the full episode, above, and check out some of our favorite projects we’ve filmed with P-Rod, below!

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