Indy Releases 28 Minutes Of Toy Machine ‘Raw Mayhem’ Clips

Toy Machine and Independent share some gnarly team riders—Leo Romero, CJ Collins, Daniel Lutheran, and Braden Hoban—and they all got together for a rail chomping quest in Northern California recently. Seriously, some of the handrails in the brands’ latest edit seem barely possible: like, the kinds of rails you’d spot during a long, boring drive in the middle of nowhere and think, “Hmmm, I bet someone could do that… Maybe.” And with someone like Romero, a longtime rider for both brands who has been skating at this level consistently for decades, it’s incredibly impressive. Check out 28 minutes of raw clips from the trip in Indy’s latest ‘Raw Mayhem’ edit, above!

We featured Lutheran and Romero in our second season of the PUSH series in 2016. Watch all of their episodes below:

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