JEREMY WRAY — The Chrome Ball Incident Interview

JEREMY WRAY -- The Chrome Ball Incident Interview

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Jeremy Wray changed skateboarding during his era. He popped bigger than most, and took gap skating to levels that the world had never seen before starting when he first rose to prominence in the ‘90s. With sponsors that included Plan B, Element, and Adio, Jeremy was considered one of the top pros throughout his career. Then, one day, all of that ended without warning. Jeremy breaks down what happened and where things stand now in the latest interview from The Chrome Ball Incident. 

On parting ways with Element

*Well, there was a pay-cut here and a pay-cut there… usually with my pay getting cut in-half. They would talk about doing a Legends Division but that never happened. Then they took my pro board away completely. I got sent on less and less trips.  It was like they decided not to give me any real opportunities to be productive or even advertise me as part of their team at all. I guess I didn’t fit their company mold anymore. In the end, I really had no choice but to walk away. *

On doing Wray Bros.

*Right now, it’s back to the old days of skating with my buddies. Jonas and I, Pat Channita and Paul Luna all banding together for the Wray Bros. brand. Taking turns filming each other at local spots and making fun little edits for social media. Getting everyone involved and skating together again.  *

*Obviously, it’d be nice to have a solid shoe sponsor or something, just to film for a real project. Something to work on that’s really going to get out there. Because it’s a big switch to go from working with guys like Ty Evans to giving your buddy a GoPro for a clip. There’s a clear difference in the footage you’re getting, even if you are doing the same caliber of skateboarding. It’s just not going to look the same, considering the camera equipment being used or having someone less skilled at filming behind the lens. *

On his ability to film a new standout part

I’m in prime fighting shape right now and ready for the next challenge. While some people might cringe at the thought of having to film another part, I’ve actually always enjoyed the process. Once you start getting out there and bulding up some good footage, there’s really no better feeling than seeing it all come together in the end. There’s a real feeling of accomplishment with every new part.

For more on Jeremy, read the entire interview on The Chrome Ball Incident site.

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