John Dilorenzo Is Pro For Almost Skateboards


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DILO IS PRO!!!! @almostskateboards

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John Dilorenzo, the manual master who goes by “Dilo,” has turned pro for Almost. (According to Dilo’s research, less than one percent of skateboarders turn pro.) The news was announced on Dwindle Distribution‘s Instagram last night. Congrats!

Dilo’s first project with The Berrics was in 2016, and since then he has cranked out a bunch of incredible work for us (including a Recruit and 2Up entry). Read our exclusive “Two Wheel Drive” interview with Dilo for his 2016 video, “Summer Of Manuals,” here.)

Watch Dilo’s “Summer Of Manuals,” 2Up entry, Recruit, his BATB 11 battle versus Trent McClung, his Recruitment Screening, and one of his Bangins, below:

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