Jonny Giger Perfectly Recreates 29 Rodney Mullen Tricks

One of Battle At The Berrics 12‘s most highly anticipated battles was between Jamie Griffin and OG “Joe” Jonny Giger, both extremely innovative flatground masters. Giger wasn’t able to defeat the soon-to-be champ Griffin, but he did manage to get to the top of Mt. Mullen. Giger pays homage to the Godfather of Street Skating with a video you can’t refuse: 29 magical tricks by the skate sorcerer Rodney Mullen… perfectly recreated. With a range covering primo slides, darkslides, fingerflips, truckstands, and good ol’ fashioned ghost manuals, it’s clear that Giger would have won if we allowed grabs (or missing trucks). Watch the compilation, above!

Giger famously battled odds-on favorite Paul Rodriguez in 2014’s Battle At The Berrics 7, and the match quickly became one of our most-watched videos of all time. Check it out, along with his BATB 12 match-up with Jamie Griffin, below:

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