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5 dudes, 18 days, 6,454 miles, 0 hotels, hardwood floors, and many couches. Blooze Skateboards is a skater owned board company out of my hometown in Florida. I grew up with the dudes and always have a good time when I’m with them, so I dragged them with me out to California for the big move. It was definitely a life changing trip. We started in Orlando, Florida and drove straight to Houston, Texas. It rained the first 3 days we were in Texas, so we headed to Oklahoma City. Got a some skating in but it also rained both days we were there. Next stop was Denver, Colorado. We drove through the night and ended up in a windmill field as the sun was rising. We don’t have many of those in Florida, so it was so rad for us; you could see them for miles. We stayed in Denver for about 6 days and had great weather, skated a bunch of the amazing Team Pain Skateparks. From Denver we went to New Mexico where it rains only a few days a year. Of course it rained, and a flash flood warning was issued, pretty gnarly. Next stop was the Petrified Forrest, which was really cool to see in person. After that was the Grand Canyon, man it was fucking insane. You really can’t do it justice with video or photos, you have to see it for you self to really take it in. After that we were over it, 2 weeks in and we were heading to LA. Made it to The Berrics, had an awesome sesh, then I dropped the homies off at LAX to FLy back home. Started work the next day, and here I am. Thanks to everyone who showed us around and let us crash! Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow. #LeftBoundBlooze â€â€TJ Gaskill

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