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Gino Koerner’s “Trap Tape” Part

Straight out of Berlin, Gino Koerner is taking the German skate scene by storm. Bursting with pop and style, Koerner’s latest part, “Trap Tape,” premiering on Quartersnacks, is a visual delight of skill, style, and lofted flip tricks floating over Berlin’s renowned spots. From the thunderous stomp of a massive indoor hardflip to a heavy kickflip from the top ropes, Koerner’s skating is a symphony of style and technical power. For those who recognize skaters by their Insta handles, you might be familiar with Gino as @lambor.gino on IG and we’re stoked to see his latest “Trap Tape” part, offering a glimpse into his distinctive mix of creativity and style that sets him apart in the ever-evolving skateboarding landscape.

Watch Gino’s “Trap Tape,” filmed by @easyonthecam, above!