Leticia Bufoni Visits The Nine Club For Latest ‘Stop And Chat’

Leticia Bufoni, our first female Battle Commander, is today’s guest for The Nine Club‘s ‘Stop And Chat’ series, following up on her June 2019 in-studio interview. And let’s just say that A LOT has happened to her since then. Bufoni discusses her experience skating in the Olympics, and how scoring at the Summer Games actually works; her board company Monarch; how she figures out her endorsement deals; and how it feels to literally look down the barrel of a loaded gun at a skatespot. Check out the video, above!

Bufoni has been working with The Berrics since the early days, skating our Ladies Night events as a teen (back in 2009) and filming her first Bangin’ in 2011, and it’s been gratifying to see her blow up! Not to mention her epic 5-part PUSH documentary (link here for all episodes). See below for just a fraction of the Battle Commandress’s Berrics projects:

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