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11 Year Old Hakuto Yonemura Skates LA with Erased Crew

It’s no secret that Japan is home to a talented bottomless pool of up-and-coming skateboarders and there’s no one else with their thumb on the pulse of the Japan skate scene more than Luis Mora. The Erased owner frequently finds fresh faces to fly out and spend some time in LA and the focus of his latest YouTube edit highlights the mind-blowingly talented 11 year old Hakuto Yonemura from Osaka Japan. Hakuto flew in for 3 weeks with Takuya Ishizuka to ride around with Luis Mora, Filipe Mota, Andrew Arnold and more of the Erased crew as they hit the streets, experience American culture, and get a quick rip in at The Berrics. You better keep an eye on Hakuto, you’ll be seeing a lot more from him in the future!

Watch the full upload, featuring Luis Mora, Hakuto Yonemura, Takuya Ishizuka, Jonathan Pena, Filipe Mota, Ryan Librada, Andrew Arnold, and Adrian Lignos, above!

Check out some of the projects we’ve filmed with Luis Mora and The Erased crew, below:

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