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Santa Cruz Skateboards Thrashin’ Thru The Pacific Northwest

Hop in the van with The Screaming Hand as the team treks through the Pacific Northwest hitting the streets between iconic skatepark sessions. Cruise along with the SC team as they give you firsthand access to a heavy skate team trip with Jereme Knibbs, Emmanuel Guzman, Rob Pace, Erick Winkowski, and Jake Wooten. You don’t want to miss this 20 minute mix of all terrain ripping, campgrounds shenanigans, heavy rail chomping, and a demo for the locals before Rob Pace unloads an arsenal of hectic handrail hits that will leave you speechless. There’s no stopping Santa Cruz Skateboards…

Watch Santa Cruz’s Thrashin’ Thru the PNW, filmed by Israel Garcia and Joe Perrin, above, and catch up on some of our content with the Santa Cruz team, below:

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