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Magenta Skateboards Presents “Just Cruise II”

Magenta Skateboards returns with a bang, presenting “Just Cruise II,” the sequel to their 2016 hit, and it’s nothing short of a global skateboarding adventure. This time, the Magenta team, hailing from five continents, takes center stage as they shred across the picturesque landscapes of France.

Two years in the making, “Just Cruise II” is a celebration of style, flow, and the unique spirit of skateboarding. Featuring an international cast of skateboarding legends, from the Bay Area to Japan, Oceanic Chapter, Brazil, and France, “Just Cruise II” captures the essence of Magenta’s philosophy – where style, creativity, and the joy of skateboarding reign supreme.

As the video inspires skaters to embrace their unique styles and explore the world’s streets, it fulfills it’s promise of being a visual delight for skateboarding enthusiasts and fans of the streets. Magenta Skateboards invites you to hop on board for an epic ride through the heart of France in “Just Cruise II.”

So “grab a baguette and enjoy a cruise around France with Magenta local & worldwide affiliates,” including Jameel Douglas, Shogo Zama, Leo Valls, Mike Mag, Ben Gore, Casey Foley, Soy Panday, Jesse Narvaez, Glen Fox, Sergio Santoro and many more! Filmed by Andrea Dupre & Stephane Feugas.

Watch “Just Cruise II,” above, or purchase your DVD copy on the

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